Unity among believers is Jesus’ desire for His Church, through the power of the Holy Spirit. (John 17:21, Ephesians 4:3-5). Let us come together, in a celebration of unity in Christ! Revival is spreading swiftly and powerfully worldwide. We invite you to be a part of this new wave of unity and revival glory.

Join us at the upcoming Fire and Fusion Conference!

Matteo Calisi is the President of Community of Jesus in Bari, Italy, a cross denominational Charismatic Covenant Community which he founded in 1983. In 2008 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as a member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. He holds regular meetings with Pope Francis and participates in various of ongoing Catholic Protestant dialogues throughout the world.

John Arnott  In 1980, while on a ministry trip to Indonesia, John and his wife Carol responded to God’s call on their lives to do full-time ministry. The Lord then called them to Toronto in 1987, where Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) was started. In January 1994, through a sovereign outpouring of the Holy Spirit, revival exploded with protracted meetings and TACF came to the world’s attention as a place God was meeting His people.

Fr. Dimitri Sala is a Franciscan Friar-Priest involved full-time in an evangelical preaching ministry along with a life of prayer. With his team he has ministered to clergy, religious and laity of many ethnic groups, ages, and denominations. He is involved in international efforts of reconciliation between Evangelical Protestants and Catholics; as such he is part of the ecumenical ministry of Harvest Evangelism, serving there also as a faculty member for the Transform Our World Global Conferences, and is an associate to the Paradosis Center for Theology and Scripture.
David Ruis is a Canadian Christian artist known for his blending of pop, rock, electronica, and world into his musical style. David Ruis is known for his strong, powerful, and heartfelt lyrics which have made several of his songs standards in Church worship, most notable being “You’re Worthy of My Praise” and “Every Move I Make.”

Fire and Fusion Conference 2015 is hosted by Lift Jesus Higher Catholic Community in association
with United in Christ, Catch the Fire Ministries and other local ministries in the Ottawa area.

For more info and registration  613-366-4295    { VIDEO  –  3 minutes)

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