Pastors, Leaders and Clergy Summit 2014

Join with other Pastors, Leaders, and Clergy to learn how to engage the laity in your tradition to foster grassroots ecumenical efforts. When the local Pastors, Leaders and Clergy begin to see one another as brothers and sisters their hearts will change, their preaching will change and greater local opportunities which promote unity will follow. The result is that the “World” will see Christians acting as one and will come to believe (John 17:20-22).

Three themes will be re-emphasized, as they were outlined in the creed of the ancient undivided Church: 

  1. The call of the church to be holy: How taking on the mind, heart,and character of Jesus Christ, enables the Church to bear witness to the truth.
  2. The nature of the church as apostolic and evangelical: That all members of the Body of Christ are called to continue the mission of the Head until he returns.
  3. The universal nature of the Church: How the unity of the Church is intended to reflect and manifest the Trinity.

As well, hear from others who have already seen the fruit of these efforts and walk away with concrete ideas to make this vision a reality. 


Conference Flyer     A Pentecostal Perspective UCNA by: Dale M. Coulter

Keynote Speakers

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa


  •  Father Raniero Cantalamessa is a Franciscan Capuchin Catholic Priest.
  • He was born in Italy in July 1934 and ordained a priest in 1958.
  • Divinity Doctor (Fribourg 1962) and Doctor in classical literature (Milan 1966).
  • Former Ordinary Professor of History of Ancient Christianity and Director of the Department of Religious Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan.
  • Member of the International Theological Commission (1975-1981) and for 12 years member of the Catholic Delegation for the dialogue with the Pentecostal Churches.
  • In 1979 he resigned his teaching position to become a full time preacher of the Gospel.
  • In 1980 he was appointed by Pope John Paul II Preacher to the Papal Household and confirmed in that position by pope Benedict XVI in 2005.
  • In addition to his early scholar books on patristic Christology, Easter in the Ancient Church and other topics he has published numerous books on spirituality fruit of his preaching to the papal Household, translated in more than twenty foreign languages.
  • From 2009, when he is not engaged in preaching, he lives in an hermitage, at Cittaducale (Rieti) ministering to a small community of cloistered nuns.

Dr. Bruno Ierullo  { Pastors and Leaders Clergy Summit letter 2014 by Bruno Ierullo }


  • After years of prayers by his Grandmother, Bruno had a Damascus Road experience of God and turned from corruption to serving Jesus.
  • Bruno Ierullo is one of the founding members at CATCH THE FIRE (CTF, formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – TACF), since 1989.
  • Bruno and his wife, Naomi, joined the pastoral team as associates and lead pastors of a growing inter-generational church north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
  • Currently planting and overseeing their fourth church.
  • Bruno previously worked as a Demolition Supervisor and a Construction Manager and ended his career building the New Toronto International Airport, the largest single construction development and demolition single project in the history of Canada.
  • Bruno is a father of 5 children.
  • Messages that Bruno carries: “Father Heart of God,” “Unity and Reconciliation,” “Preparing for the Wedding Feast” and “Presence and Power Evangelism”.
  • Bruno serves in various capacities, at the trans-local level, as Co-Founder and President of United in Christ, Canada and Director of United In Christ, USA, President of a humanitarian agency called LifeCorps, part of the Charismatic Leaders’ Fellowship initially convened by the late Rev. Dennis Bennett in Washington, Seattle USA in the year 1971 (formerly, Charismatic Concerns Committee or the Glencoe Group).
  • At Bruno’s local community he serves as Lead Pastor, part of the ministerial and as a Prison Chaplain.
  • Local and internationally, Bruno has initiated meetings at a grass root level as well as at an educational and theological level, dialoguing between Catholics and Evangelicals.
  • He travels frequently in Canada, USA, Brazil and Italy and has a fluent understanding of 5 languages. He has ministered the Gospel in many nations worldwide.

James Robison


James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International. Since entering public ministry in the 1960s, James has spoken to more than 20 million people in several hundred city-wide evangelistic outreaches and has personally inspired religious, political and social leaders across five decades. James embraces the sound principles of truth, justice, liberty, and personal stewardship; the family as the primary cornerstone for a sustainable society; the community of faith as the salt and life in this world; and civil government as the protector of our freedom but not the provider of our needs. He is encouraging believers to find common ground to address our common concerns. He believes we must first get on our face before God and then stand on our feet for God in supernatural unity.
Bio – James Robison

Dr. Jack Hayford
Dr. Jack Hayford is Chancellor of The Kings University (formerly The King’s College and Seminary) in Los Angeles, which he founded in 1997. He is probably best known, however, as “Pastor Jack,” founding pastor of The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California, where he served as senior pastor for more than three decades. A prolific and best-selling author, Pastor Hayford has penned more than 50 books and composed 500 hymns and choruses, including the internationally known and widely recorded “Majesty.” He also served a five-year term as President of The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

Other Speakers

You’ll hear from the Group of Five…combining 140 years of prayer and service towards obey Christ command “that they may be one.”

Apostle Willie Murray –

Sr. Pastor God’s City of Refuge Non-denomination Newport, NC

“I have been praying for and living Unity for 40+ years. When God’s love flows in us then we are one, we don’t see color or denomination, we are one, united in Christ.”

Father Ed Wade –

Companions of the Cross – Houston, Texas

“God’s heart is for John 17:20-21 ‘that they may be one so that the world will know You sent me’ to materialize and manifest in the people of God. Unity is something we have to do.”

Rev. John Grayson –

Retired Anglican Priest – All Saints Church, Newport, NC

“We need revival in the body of Christ. “We know that the Holy Spirit is the One who brings unity.”

Bio – Rev. J. Grayson

John Pullen –

Senior VP of Captrust Financial Advisors – Raleigh, NC

“…we need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit, in order to bring revival and unity.”

Bio – J. S. Pullen

Charlie Bugge’-

Owner Carolina Homes Realty – Marketplace Ministries – Cape Carteret, NC

“Jesus commands us to love one another. To obey Him, we need to spend time with one another in prayer, praising God and breaking bread.”