Catholics and Evangelicals pray “United in Christ”
Houston, Texas U.S.A. August 13th 2015

Catholics and Evangelicals held a meeting of Houston Texas to continue dialog and unity in reconciliation.  Organized by a coalition of evangelical pastors called ‘Pray Houston’ at the Union Baptist Association and United In Christ ministries USA. 

The participants included:  Matteo Calisi, president of United in Christ USA; Pastor Mike Herron, a member of John 17 movement of Phoenix, Arizona and Dr. Ron Allen, vice president of United in Christ USA and representative of Mission America Coalition.  Both are Board members of the International Fellowship of the Jesus Community of Dallas.  Also in attendance were several Catholic leaders including the priests of Companion of the Cross Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston.

The meeting in Houston focused on the current international scenario of the ‘fraternal dialogue’ (as distinct from the theological) between Catholics and Evangelicals and the implications of the gestures of friendship made by Pope Francis with important leaders of several Evangelical and Pentecostal movements. 

Analysis on the development of the Charismatic / Pentecostal Movement and Ecumenical perspectives were presented by prof. Calisi in “Pope Francis and dialogue with the Pentecostals, a New Ecumenical Impetus.” This in the light of Pope Francis being the first Pope to visit a Pentecostal church, the Evangelical Church of Reconciliation in Caserta, Italy (28 July 2014).  [In “The apostolic visits by Pope Francesco in Caserta”, Special Issue, Quaerite, biannual magazine of the Institute of Religious Studies “S. Peter “, Piazza Duomo, 11 – 81100 Caserta, Year V n. 1-2 (9-10) Editions Saletta Grape, Piazza Matteotti, 3-81100 Caserta, December 2014 pp. 296.]

The speakers were received the next day by the Cardinal Daniel Nicholas DiNardo, Archbishop of Galveston-Houston and Vice President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in the USA.  Cardinal DiNardo encouraged the activities and prayed that they would continue to move forward.  He also personally gave prof. Calisi his blessing.